Pocket guide book

This is page for printing, that is easily coupled into pocket size. print my pocket guide book
Define main purpose of the product and keep features consistent
  • Cool thing.
  • Easy configuration through smartphone.
  • Automatic remote functioning.
  • Remote control.
Protect yourself and your end user
  • Cloud should be in your ownership.
  • Ability to update F/W over air.
  • Preferably to have option for two clouds.
Future data mining
  • Check all information is being saved in cloud. Add missing.
Make sure “easy usage” for your end user
  • If it’s not wi-fi, gate way is required.
  • Wideness of product line compatible to that product.
  • Requires registration?
  • Included support for coming updates of mobile OS.
  • Included support for found bugs.
  • Ability to move support and development to another supplier.