Our Philisophy

We believe in the mission of the product that our customers
put in the fundament of the product definition.

We select right instruments from endless capabilities of IoT technologies to provide optimal solution for whole system or any missing chain.

We are sure that any properly defined IoT product has its own place in IoT market and we can find it.

We work with every customer with high respect to his consistent strategy in IoT market – from aggressive pioneers to wise followers.

We enjoy working on our projects.

Our Capabilities

Syncleo company is founded by team with perfect combination of electronics engineering expertise, user experience knowledge and customer relations skills.

We have developed
  • High count of products in kitchen IoT. Totally new products with IoT capabilities as well as added IoT features to existing products.
  • Stand-alone products as well as systems of appliances with many different functionality devices.
  • Wi-fi and BT based devices.
  • Mobile app and voice control platforms
  • Set of SDK`s such as Customer support SDK, etc.
IoT product definition
Products development eco system


  • Manufacturers
  • Brands
  • Distributers
  • High technology developers